Robert C. Mellon
Robert C. Mellon
Robert C. Mellon, Ph.D., BCBA, obtained his doctorate from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1987, where he completed both the clinical psychology and experimental analysis of behavior programs. He was clinical psychology intern at New York University Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital, and was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Developmental Psychobiology of the State University of New York at Binghamton, where he studied Pavlovian conditioning processes in the development of intersensory functions.
Dr Christos Nikopoulos
Dr Christos Nikopoulos
Dr Christos Nikopoulos is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst® – D (Doctoral Level; BCBA-D), a former member (International Representative) of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB®) Board of Directors. He is currently the Applied Sciences Representative of the European Association of Behaviour Analysis (EABA). He is also the Founder and Director of Autism Consultancy Services Ltd in London, and was recently appointed as a Governor at an ABA School in London, UK.
Lorenzo Todone
Lorenzo Todone
After graduating in Special Education at CUNY, New York, I moved back to Italy and completed the BACB course sequence receiving my BCBA certification in 2010. Currently I teach in several courses for BCBA and BCaBA in Italy, Croatia and Latvia and supervise students. I’m vice president of SIACSA (the Italian Association of Applied and Experimental Analysis) but mainly I work as an ABA provider at the Center for children and young adults with autism and other disabilities that I co-founded in Florence, Italy.
Dr Louise McHugh
Dr Louise McHugh
Louise is an Associate Professor at University College Dublin. Her research interests are centered on the experimental analysis of language and cognition from a behaviour analytic and Relational Frame Theory perspective, including especially the development of complex cognitive skills such as perspective-taking and the process-level investigation of behavioural and cognitive psychotherapies including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
Anca Dumitrescu
Anca Dumitrescupsiholog BCBA
Ana Hodea
Ana HodeaLogoped, Psihopedagog
Andrei Ionel Mocanu
Andrei Ionel MocanuPsiholog
Ionela Feruca
Ionela FerucaPsihoterapeut
Ramona Cupa
Ramona CupaPsiholog
Adriana Balsanu
Adriana BalsanuPsiholog
Violeta Mihălaşcu
Violeta MihălaşcuPsiholog
Loredana Anghelescu
Loredana AnghelescuPsihopedagog
Oana-Daniela Oprescu
Oana-Daniela OprescuPsihoterapeut
Camelia Crîșmariu
Camelia CrîșmariuPsiholog
Nicolae Elena Alexandra
Nicolae Elena AlexandraPsihoterapeut
Amalia Lupu
Amalia LupuPsiholog, Logoped
Anne Marie Hoţoiu
Anne Marie HoţoiuPsiholog, Logoped
Emilia Constantin
Emilia ConstantinLogoped, Psihopedagog
Laura Radu
Laura RaduPsiholog, Logoped
Iasmina Lică
Iasmina LicăPsiholog, Logoped
Irina Isar
Irina IsarPsiholog
Eugenia Behar
Eugenia BeharPsiholog
Tatiana Danciulescu
Tatiana DanciulescuPsiholog
Bianca Stanescu
Bianca StanescuPsiholog
Andreea Stroe Matauan
Andreea Stroe MatauanPsiholog
Lacramioara Petre
Lacramioara PetreAntropolog
Ana Turtureanu
Ana TurtureanuAnalist Comportamental
Valentina Puicea
Valentina PuiceaPsiholog
Alexandra Comarniceanu
Alexandra ComarniceanuBCBA
Silviu Matu
Silviu MatuPsiholog
Tirtopan Florentina Loredana
Tirtopan Florentina LoredanaPsiholog
Cecilia Motei
Cecilia MoteiPsiholog
Ramona Octaviana Gheorghe
Ramona Octaviana GheorghePsihoterapeut
Camelia Frangulea
Camelia FranguleaPsiholog
Gina Seria
Gina SeriaPsiholog
Raluca Anghel
Raluca AnghelPsiholog
Gabriela Puscasu
Gabriela PuscasuPsiholog
Bianca Angelescu
Bianca AngelescuPsiholog
Georgiana Trancau
Georgiana TrancauPsiholog, psihopedagog
Daniela Gavankar
Daniela GavankarPsiholog
Anda Bacanu
Anda BacanuPsiholog
Mirela Birsasteanu
Mirela BirsasteanuPsiholog
Claudia Matei
Claudia Mateipsiholog BCaBA
Alina Bobârnac
Alina Bobârnacpsiholog BCBA